Match Report
Sherborne Girls 3rds vs  Dauntsey's School
On: Saturday, 14 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

Sherborne Girls went into this match full of confidence after victory last week and despite a reasonably sharp showing in the warm up they were surprised by the intensity of play and skill of the Dauntsey's 3rd XI. It was no surprise that Dauntsey's took the lead having won the majority of the 50/50's and looking very dangerous in attack and they held this deserved lead going into the break. After the reality check of the first half Sherborne managed to increase the tempo and started to play some excellent hockey, pressing the ball further into Dauntsey's half and starting to make it difficult to get the ball out. This pressure eventually payed off with an excellent move finished by Charlotte O. This prompted some belief from the substitues and players and coupled with some outstanding support from the sidelines the girls dominated the final 10 mins, grabbing the deserved winner with minutes left on the clock. This was certainly a lesson given by a strong Dauntsey's team in how to start a game strongly and one which we will have to learn quickly to maintain the unbeaten start.