Match Report
Sherborne Girls Girls-U18A vs  Marlborough & SHSK
On: Saturday, 28 Jan 2023
Venue: Away

After a long bus journey we arrived with limited preparation time before our first game. We rushed through our usual warm-up, but were clearly feeling the affects of the hectic start as Marlborough dominated the first half. We began to build into the game, applying defensive pressure and causing multiple turnovers which frustrated the Marlborough attack. However, their hard press caused us to concede possession on transition on multiple occasions which didn't help alleviate pressure. Final Score: 6-0 to Marlborough.

Quickly into the second game against St Helens & St Katherines, we began excellently and were unlucky not to capitalise on some well crafted opportunities. SHSK managed to score multiple quick goals through fabulous heads-up play and recognition of space. Due to some determined work by captains Charlie and Scarlett we pulled a goal back, finished excellently from the top of the fan. However, SHSK dominated possession and kept us scoreless for the rest of the game. Final Score: 6-1 to SHSK