Match Report
Sherborne Girls Girls-U15A vs  Marlborough & SHSK
On: Saturday, 28 Jan 2023
Venue: Away

Confirmation weekend caused major disruption to our team selection but the remaining U15's performed exceptionally against Marlborough's B team.

After the first draw, Amelie was able to swiftly pick up the ball from our opposing team within seconds of the match starting. Racing down the pitch and dodging all defenders, she was able to score a brilliant goal. However, after this strong start we struggled with keeping up our stamina due to our lack of subs. The midfield had to work incredibly hard, covering an exceptional distance, with Amelie and Theya constantly swapping on and off. Although Marlborough had plenty of possession, our strong defence were able to keep them off. Theya did some amazing checks and Poppy was able to pressure to her player and turnover the ball. Thanks to this, Cici was able to score a brilliant goal for the team. Despite it being Isla’s first time as goalie, she saved some amazing goals which kept the score fairly distant in our favour. Liberty and Kathy were able to pick up many ground balls and accurately pass them to our attackers who scored 6 goals. Well done for Amelie for scoring 2, Cici for scoring 2 Liberty for scoring 1 and Kathy for scoring 1. Overall I think we did really well and a score of 6-3 was well deserved. Well done to Isla and Liberty for rightly deserving player of the match.