Match Report
Sherborne Girls Girls-U14A vs  Tournament
On: Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022
Venue: Away

Today the U14 A team played in the regional tournament at Clifton College.

The first match was against Marlborough. We came out fighting very hard playing a very good match of hockey. It was 0-0 by half time. But the final score was 2-1 to Marlborough. The goal was scored by Flora but was more of a team goal. Honor passed it to Teia off a sixteen. Teia dribbled up with it passed it to Flora on the wing who then drove into the the D and scored. This was an extremely good game and we had a good chance of winning.

The next match was against Taunton. We went in with a positive attitude and played a really good battle. We marked so well in that match that the other team made lots of mistakes. The score by the end was 3-0 but again we had a great chance in that and we had quite a few opportunities to score.

Our third match was against Dean Close. By half time we were one goal up and the score was 1-0. The girls put in a great battle making the final score 2-1. Which was a win for Sherborne!

Our final game was against Blundell’s. Considering we were all very tired from a long day of hockey we, once again, put in such a good battle. Ending the match 1-0 to them. We started to really use the right wing which is making it easier for us all to attack.

Well done to all the girls who played. Thank you to Mr Bell and Miss Dixon for taking us. And thank you to the parents who came to support. Even though we didn’t get through, we all improved so much throughout the day and really started to play as a team. By Captain Teia Gardner