Match Report
Sherborne Girls West 2nd Team vs  Hanford School
On: Wednesday, 22 Nov 2023
Venue: at Home

The best hockey I have seen the 2nd team play this year! I was super impressed by all the girls in this team. They played some fantastic passages of play, moving the ball out of congestion by transferring the ball with the defence, Miyabi, Caitlin and Maddie. The left and right midfielders moving into space on the widths with some fantastic runs by Imogen, Keziah and Makeda. Tilly and Molly putting lots of pressure up front forcing the opposition to make errors. In goal Mimi made some awesome saves keeping the team ahead on goals. The girls won 2-1 with Tilly scoring a great team goal with a good touch to take the ball around the keeper and then in the second half Makeda scored a goal from a short corner on the back post.

Superb team effort by all!! Super proud of them and what they have achieved well done!