Match Report
Sherborne Girls Girls-U18A vs  Sherborne School Boys-U18A
On: Thursday, 21 Sep 2023
Venue: at Home

On Thursday afternoon at 1:30, Sherborne Girls' Badminton faced off against Sherborne Boys' Badminton in a series of intense double matches. The girls' team showed strength early on, with Hebe and Sunnie winning in two straight sets with a score of 21-5, highlighting their exceptional teamwork. Angela and Haylie's match went the distance, with each team winning one set but ultimately falling short in the third set with a score of 15-21. While the girls were behind after the first round, their partnership and teamwork were commendable. In the second round, due to time constraints, they couldn't play best-of-three games, but many matches were decided by just 3 or 4 points, emphasising the closeness of the competition. Reflecting on the day, there is a recognition of areas for improvement, but the team remains determined to overcome challenges and shine in future matches. The Player of the Match award goes to Sunnie, not only for her undefeated record but also for her positive influence on team spirit.