Match Report
Sherborne Girls Girls-U15A vs  Canford School
On: Saturday, 16 Sep 2023
Venue: at Home

Sherborne Girls U15A vs Canford

The badminton team had their first match of the season. Despite a tough start, the girls remained positive and showed great teamwork and spirit.

Emily Perry played outstandingly, won both her singles and showed powerful skills in smashing during the doubles. Diyala Deeley and Bernice Lau demonstrated good coordination as a team and had a close score to Canford top team.

The opponent players used plenty of smashing to score, which most girls were not familiar about, and dominated the game. However, this didn't discourage the girls. They showed great persistence and fought back hard till the end.

Despite the loss, the girls have gained a lot from this opportunity to compete with more experienced players, and will face the future matches with stronger determination.