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Sherborne Girls Seniors vs  Clayesmore School
On: Thursday, 09 Jan 2020
Venue: Away

The morning dawned with a clear blue sky, although with a nip in the air. The outlook was promising for our first run out in 2020. A time to brush off the cobwebs, stretch out our legs and see how well be had fared over the Christmas break. For many who continued to train and indeed compete over the holiday this was an opportunity for them to see how well there training has been over the relative 'off season' last term.

The short drive to Clayesmore for their 'Classic' race does all of those things, a low key event but nevertheless a real cross country challenge. a distance of nearly 5km, including playing fields a fair sized hill and the also the remains of the corn field poses a true challenge. Following some dreadfully wet weather over the break and in the lead up to the race the course was completely water logged and arguably its toughest in recent years.

This was compounded with a heavy storm and torrential rain that came through as we boarded the bus in Sherborne and continued almost to the gates of Clayesmore, some 40 minutes away.

Despite the very heavy course, we were blessed with an hour of respite as the clouds trundled passed and there was a short break in the weather allowing us to complete the course in the dry, if not completely covered in mud. Some runners returning with shoes in hand having lost them in some quagmire or other.

Despite no formal team event results, we were delighted with how well the girls ran, in tough conditions. Marianna coming home second in the intermediate girls with Birdie not far back in third. Other notable runs included Emily, Sophie, Clemmie, Alice E (shoeless) Georgia and Eleanor many whom had raced over Christmas in a park run or too.

Birdie (2nd Dorset runner ) and Marianna (Hampshire) should both be widely congratulated as they have qualified to compete at the Inter Counties in March at Loughborough following outstanding runs at the beginning of January.