Action Photos
Sherborne Girls Girls-U14A vs  Bryanston School
On: Saturday, 17 Sep 2022
Venue: Away

Today, 17th September, we went to Bryanston for our first hockey match. All of the girls played so well with the score being 5-0 to Sherborne. The first goal was scored by Esme the team got it down to her at the goal and she happily slapped it in. For the second goal Emilia reverse slapped it to Esme in the air and Esme deflected it into the net of the goal. The third goal was another deflection by Emilia. Once again there was a lot of teamwork put into the goal and it was very good that Emilia was in the right place. The fourth goal was scored by Jemima, Mattie crossed the ball in from the right wing passing it to Rosie, who then passed it to Emilia on the penalty spot and then Emilia passed it to Jemima who slapped it in from the post. Everyone was brilliantly positioned. The final goal was scored by Emilia again the team tried, and succeeded, to support her by being positioned in all of the right places for example, top of the D, on the base line and on the penalty spot. With some encouragement from the side line all of the players marked well and after our team chat they did very well by putting so much pressure on the ball and as we talked about hopefully putting so much pressure on that the other team started to not like hockey!!! As standing on the sideline I saw a lot of great hockey. The back defenders did so well by always being there if someone needed to pass back to them and then transferring the ball from one side to the other around the back. All the girls used every opportunity to score and there were so many very close goals. We obviously have a few things to work on but in my opinion for a first game this was a great one! Well done to Flora for getting player of the match. Even if I haven’t mentioned a few of the girls-every single one played so well. Thank you to Miss Dixon and the parents that came to support. I know I can’t wait and the rest of the team can’t wait for our next one.From Teia Gardner