Action Photos
Sherborne Girls Girls-U18A vs  Taunton School
On: Saturday, 01 Oct 2022
Venue: at Home

A good afternoon of badminton with the girls winning 12-6 overall.

S1 - Sharotte & Dora

S2 - Sunnie & Angela

S3 - Emma & Emilia

S4 - Cecily & Corliss

S5 - Charlotte & Florence

S6 - Mar & Bernice

Please see photo for results.

Cecily had twisted her ankle during the warm up session before the match but everything else was fine. Our first 3 pairs played against Taunton’s first 3 pairs and that was the same for the pairs 4-6. Most of the pairs from Taunton are mixed pairs and it was a good opportunity for us to play against different type of doubles. Some of the boys from Taunton were powerful and their smashes were quite difficult to defend. Our team can practice more to tackle hard smashes. Besides, I’m happy to see everyone cooperating and willing to interact with people from different year groups. We are starting to work like a team after the 3 matches in September. Report by Sharlotte Kwok