02 Apr 2019
Day 3. DuPont Manual Varsity/JV and EPCOT

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The third day of the Sherborne Girls 2019 Lacrosse Tour has been an extremely busy one. After a customarily hearty American breakfast of Mickey Mouse Waffles and no small amount of bacon, the team travelled back to the ESPN Wide World of Sports in order to complete a morning’s training delivered by Coach Rick of Florida’s own Orange Crush (an accomplished girls’ lacrosse club). Coach Rick certainly put Sherborne through their paces, but ended the session by remarking on how impressed he was with both our attitude and ability. Although perhaps a little intimidating at first, the drills that Rick delivered were just what the girls needed and they entered into their match against DuPont Manual with warm hands and minds abuzz with all they had just learnt.

The match against DuPont was truly something to behold. The energy and pace with which Sherborne competed spoke volumes about the effort they had put in earlier that morning, and the final score of 13-11 to DuPont signified the end of some really exciting lacrosse. Our ‘Mickey of the Match’ Award (when in Rome...) went to Fenella Standford, who was churning out goals like she was designed in a lab to do just that - we’re sure that she’ll enjoy her day wearing the much coveted Mickey Mouse ears tomorrow.

After the game, the team enjoyed a few hours of relaxation time before heading off to Disney’s Epcot Park. Here Sherborne were able to drink in some absolutely marvellous sights and sounds (perhaps most notably Epcot’s depictions of several countries of the world), and experienced some thrilling theme park rides. Here, Matilda Scott secured her temporary ownership of the ‘Goofy of the Day’ in style by vaulting over a low spouting fountain that just so happened to blast upwards as she passed over the top (see attached video... oh yes, we caught it on camera). As you can imagine this left Matilda with a rather soggy pair of tracksuit bottoms, and no doubt an even soggier sense of self-pride - enjoy the Goofy hat tomorrow, Tilda, it’ll be a while until you live this one down!

Great fun was had by all, and we look forward to whatever tomorrow may bring!