03 Apr 2019
Day 3. The Magical Kingdom

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Today’s excitement was not lacrosse related. Following a much needed lie-in, the girls met around the swimming pool for a morning stretch and recovery session with Mr Hind. There has been a toll on the bodies of the girls from all the lacrosse they have played in the first few days and this short session of mobility and stretching was very important.

We said goodbye to Isla as she departed for New York and the art trip and then waited for Ella, Ellie and Mrs Dart to return from an enormous Shopping Mall where they had been replacing Ellie’s lax boots which I had been torn from her feet in the match yesterday!

Once we were all back at Pop Century, we were ready to depart on the Magical Express for The Magical Kingdom. We were all excited and, as one enters the park, it would be impossible not to be impressed by it’s scale, the colours and the energy. The girls were all in small groups and free to visit the attractions they wanted, checking in with the staff at regular intervals. Despite some long queues, nearly all the girls managed rides on Space Mountain (the best apparently), Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.

By 8pm we had a split in the group; most of the girls were tired and wanted to go home so we sent an advance party with Mr Hind. However, 6 stalwarts stayed until the bitter end and were able to appreciate the amazing fireworks and light show before coming home.

We have an early start and a session with an athletic trainer who will also talk to the girls about the psychology of sport.