04 Apr 2019
Day 4. Atlas Speed, Hollywood Movies and Orange Crush

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Today we had a very early start in comparison to other days, being ready for breakfast at 7am. After a speedy breakfast we hopped onto a coach and met Ernest from Atlas Speed who competed in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. The session was focussed primarily around psychological conditioning and how to improve as an athlete on the pitch. The session was intense but thoroughly enjoyable. The highlight being Mr Hind racing Ernest at the end. We then went back to the resort and had a few hours for pool-time and lunch. After lunch, we had the opportunity to explore Hollywood Studios or we could stay behind and continue some much needed downtime. Hollywood studios certainly lived up to the standard of the Epcot and Magical Kingdom which we had previously visited. A highlight was the Tower of Terror where we got to see over Florida before we plummeted back down again. We then got back from Hollywood Studios and had some time around the pool and then got ready for the match. We set off for the match and played three 20 minute thirds after doing a short but intense warm up that Coach Rick from Orange Crush recommended to us a few days before when he took us for training. Unfortunately we lost the match but the standard of lacrosse that was played was beyond what we thought we were capable of when we arrived. The match was played and sunset and we worked together solidly as a team. A fantastic match to end our time in Florida and Disney on a high!

By Ellie and Ella.